🏅 Best FREE Apps Included with Windows 11

In this overview, find out about the best inbox apps that come for free with Windows 11. Power Automate Desktop has been added as a new inbox app, which allows you to automate manual tasks. Paint 3D and OneNote have been removed. Aside from those, many old favorites have returned, including the Office app, Mail, Calendar, To Do, and many others. We’ll walk through all the various apps that you’ll get for free once Windows 11 becomes available.

👋 Additional resources
– Overview of Windows 11 (Task bar, start menu, desktop):
– How to use Microsoft Power Automate Desktop – Full tutorial:
– how to use Microsoft To Do:
⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
1:18 First look at Windows 11
1:37 View all apps
2:34 New app: Power Automate Desktop
4:30 Removed app: Paint 3D
5:09 Removed app: OneNote
5:49 Office app for Word, Excel & PowerPoint
6:23 Mail app
7:24 Calendar app
8:09 To Do app
8:44 Edge web browser
10:08 Calculator
10:46 Your Phone
11:22 An app that won’t go away: Dialer.exe
12:55 Wrap up

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  1. Can u make a video on installing windows 11 for free!!!

  2. Thanks Kevin for such great content!!!

    You motivated me to start my own YouTube channel!!

  3. @Kevin Stratvert I wanted to know if you can make a video on how to start and how to setup a hosting business. I remember in your earlier videos you started one in your teens. btw it will make great content.

  4. Been using Windows since vers 1.03. It's come a long way. That said, I wish Windows and IOS had simply migrated to Linux. One OS to Rule them All

  5. That wallpaper reminds me of KDE Plasma.. Do you use Linux with KDE Plasma?

  6. Which screen recorder u r using?

  7. I thought MS promised that there wont be another Windows version after Windows 10 and Windows 10 will just have be major and minor update packages that come along with it. MS cheating again 🙁

  8. windows 11 will be disappointing for me personally if it doesnt do anything to improve the touch experience. i want to be able to navigate most of the windows just with touch and pen. at least it should be significantly better than windows 10 because im totally happy with windows 10 as it is. cosmetics dont matter to me as much as easy and practicality does.

  9. Does a VB6 app still work on it?

  10. The new apps in Windows 11 is best!

  11. Chromium Edge literally removed the only thing I used Legacy Edge for: selecting text in PDFs and dragging and dropping to OneNote with a Surface Pen. Won't work in (any) Chromium browser 🙁

  12. No one is going to buy this crappy Windows 11. WINDOWS 3.1 looked better than this crap. Microsoft needs to stop CREATING these crap versions of windows. Eye candy is what the people want. Not Grandma & Grandpa ready. If Microsoft can't create anything better than this, then it's time to Dump all Microsoft products. Even the people that designed Sonic the hedgehog for the Movie had to redue it because the fans weren't happy. !!!

  13. Edge?. No way! Never ever!

  14. How much software has to be reinstalled. You know office suites (NOT 365), compilers, MatLab, DAW's and ALL the supporting applications, plugins, … additional audio editors, graphics editors, games, PDF editors, ……………you know the stuff that made going from 7 to 10 suck, and from XP to 7 suck, not to mention drivers and apps that no longer work – I hate OS changes – WIn 10 was suppose to be "one and done"

  15. Hey Kevin,
    I was hoping if you could make a tutorial on how you make your youtube thumbnails


  16. Great video Kevin….the Power automate desktop looks cool.

  17. Bro, after the Last Windows 10 update May, 2021 some us are down to only three 3D effect on the Video Editor (Confetti Blast, Lens sparkles & Snow).No one is able to help us. Do a Video on that? You got a solution?!

  18. I wish they would bring back an updated version of Cardfile. Always thought that was such a handy little app.

  19. Just started YouTube

  20. Can Windows 10 apps still work for Windows 11?

  21. You dident have rounded corners?

  22. Very informative, as usual, but what functionality is lost in the Office app compared to Office Pro? For example, does the app support Excel pivot tables like in the Pro version? I thought Office was a big money-maker for MS so it's hard to believe they are the same.

  23. My phones app especially with Samsung mobile is really good

  24. I wish calendar app would sync with events in task tray

  25. Please upload another video about windows 11

  26. Would be be kind to do a YouTube video like a tutorial to show how to grow your channel, tools, software use, stock videos etc. It would be interesting and many would want to learn from you as I am seeing your channel been growing since I watch the video on python

  27. Can I upgrade to Windows 11 if my product key is not upgraded

  28. You forgot Solitaire 😉

  29. Hello Kevin how can you do a vedio of how to removed Microsoft account issnt genuine

  30. Because if you look at the interface on Windows 11 that should remind you of Google Chrome and rather even the Google Chromebook the Google Chromebook again the Google Chromebook doesn't that remind you about Chromebooks it show remind me about Chromebooks and the dreaded hatred that I have towards Chromebooks because of the lower case keyboard and windows obviously starting to copy the Chromebook

  31. Guess what Windows 11 looks like it looks like it's a copy of Google Chrome it looks like Google Chrome the chromium II has been integrated into Windows which means very shortly Chrome apps should be working in Windows according to this URI but doesn't this remind you of Google Chrome and reminds me about it so forget about the windows kernel from here Island from here on Elam might be the Google Chrome Colonel maybe Microsoft made a special deal with Google to be able to use the Chrome URI and the Chrome colonel that's what I think what happened to her otherwise how would they be allowed to make Windows look like Google Chrome isn't there copyright infringement on here obviously somebody has a sweetheart deal over here maybe it is to allow Google Chrome apps to work on Windows and vice-versa for Windows apps to work on Chrome maybe that's what's happening here that's what I think

  32. "very through process".. includes candy crush, yeah no one believes that was done via any process other than a monetary one.

  33. Mr. Keven I am looking forward to unlimited my internet connection. Please let me have a guidance

  34. If this is true, I will be switching to Linux, Windows 11 looks like a junk OS.

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