A $150 Console Emulator PC?

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Stuck at home and dreading the current graphics card climate? This $150 mini PC can run some classic console emulators!

Beelink Mini PC (Celeron N3450, 6GB RAM):

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  1. Before I'm bombarded with more comments about the short HDMI cable – YES, it's for rear monitor mounting hahah. I shoulda figured that one out sooner Thanks for watching!

  2. But could it run minecraft ?

  3. I don't really understand the point of this device over your phone.

  4. You'll have more luck installing and running Batocera on this hardware. I did on my very similar Beelink and without the Windows 10 Pro overhead and the RetroPi like software you get a really snappy and fast emulator system.

  5. Load it with every Nintendo game there is for nes, snes, game boy, gba, n64…. that’s what I would probably do

  6. If there was windows 10 already installed on the old drive why not simply clone it to the new drive and spare yourself the extra costs associated in obtaining a new key. Also shouldn't it have come with a win key sticker somewhere?

  7. keep in mind that theres a chance the games u chose could run better, but they mite need specific emulator settings. sometimes it aint the hardware, emulation is tricky… some games perfectly emulate, some games need patches or hacks to function right. great video as always tho, hope u tinker wit it n can get to enjoy it

  8. god I miss Gran Turismo

  9. is there a site anyone recommends to get a windows 7 32bit OS i already bought a cd key i just dont have $150 for an OS

  10. I'll sell you one for like $2000.

  11. The sponsorship was way too aggressive ngl. Gives the sell-out feel.

  12. Sir can you tell me that does Corsair 600Q Case worth in 2021 if it is available to me below the MSRP

  13. The shorter… no that's not what I want to say.
    LINUX VIDEO… make sure you try something other than Debian too.

  14. No thermal paste? That has to be an oversight.

  15. Disappointing that no one has made a tiny Zen 3 APU build. How small can you go with AMD anyway?

  16. can you do a video on the best budget gaming c's under 1200$ pls! everyone like so e can see this! appreciate it

  17. What about early 00s games but the PC versions? Max Payne, Colin McRae Rally 2, Half Life…

  18. what keyboard are u using?

  19. But can it do Jersey Devil?

  20. I unsubbed and hit dont recommend channel so many times bt yet this channel comes up. Did utube introduce some kind of channel advertising or sth?
    Mainly because u call clean pcs as the dirtiest u've ever seen.

  21. Better of just using your phone, most mid range phones can play plenty of games using emulators like RetroArch.

  22. not paying 200 for a 2.2ghz 4c/4t celeron, fuk u intel, make a Core i5 40w 4c/8t with thunderbolt3/4 and $200 is worth it for this NAHHHH

  23. its $199.99 [email protected]$$ WTF not worth $200usd, not buying one now

  24. Got rid of my watermark thank you.

  25. Dude just pick up a $60 ps classic off ebay, run bleemsync and get an hdmi to av converter to play all your ps1 games on a tube tv the way it was meant to be played.

  26. Raspberry Pi's are great as emulators and cost one third of the price. They're Linux machines sure, but they seem more useful to me.

  27. Mini PCs like those are interesting. I've never seen anyone I know have any though, only at schools where they are used as PCs in the classroom or at a computer lab.
    My guess is that thing can do maybe even Dreamcast, but for that generation along witb PS1 and N64 its going to struggle with some games. But that's what speed hacks were for.

  28. Digging the Breaking Benjamin vinyl record on the wall.

  29. You can still install Win 10 on the new drive without a new license….

  30. Bottom of the chassis should have said: "Just bee yourself" IMO

  31. Emulator tutorial????

  32. why didnt you install the leaked windows 11, hahaha just askin

  33. You should go with Linux and Picade. I had it set up on an old mac mini and it emulated games great, even MAME and PS2 games.

  34. PS games had speed tied to framerate or in most cases the refresh rate of the screen. It's designed for 60 fps so half the frames means half the speed, and of course twice the frames is twice the speed.

  35. HTPCs are always overlooked but over priced due to scarcity.

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