Are Cheap Windows 10 Keys Legit or Fake?

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  1. Pop Os (Linux) is free…

  2. I bought a copy of Office 2019 pro plus 5PCs for AUD$195 love that place.

  3. Been wondering this myself. These cheap key services smell fishy, how they're even legal. Why they haven't been sued out of existence by Microsoft. Makes me paranoid, lol

  4. Of the topic but still i need to know this:
    I have Windows 8.1 on C drive and Windows 10 on D drive. My earlier Windows was 8.1 on C drive then I installed Windows 10 on D drive when it was released. Now if i format the C drive and install Windows 11 on C drive, then will my Windows 10 work/boot?

  5. My main concern would be, how do I know if this would be supporting money laundering? Legitimate keys, purchased with stolen credit cards and then flipped for cheap? Also, is there any risk that keys purchased for the Chinese market would end up having my telemetry data stored in China, just like China forced on Chinese Apple users?

  6. you can't adjust the look on windows and the stupid watermark…

    have used several Windows 7 keys but also bought a few windows keys online from various keysites arouns 12-15 bucks each

  7. Is the only reason to activate windows if you want to use windows 10 pro?

  8. I just threw out my old PC and rebuilt a whole new one. Was expecting to buy new windows key but simply logging onto my windows account registered windows for me

  9. Um be careful of PID checker windows just flashed a severe trojan warning at me.

  10. My Windows 10 install is from my retail Windows 7 box I bought back in the day for $200.

  11. Next video : why brands like gigabyte have awesome boards but their apps center software also comes with awesome bloatware..

  12. for awhile i had a umm uhh perfectly normal key. cause i was like 100-200 no way. then i seen ur urcdkeys link for 15 i think so i was like yes :O so i bought 2 and doing a 3rd one for this pc im givin to a buddy. and that watermark lol i removed it when i had that issue with a program i had.

  13. Many keys from Ebay are volume keys leaked on some random chinese forum, basically you pay the seller to google them for you

  14. I had Windows 7 Ultimate and got upgraded for free to Windows 10 Pro. Key still worked even when I had to do a complete reinstall at one point.

  15. I have two windows pc activated with the same key, is this wrong?

  16. I think it's hilarious that you're saying there isn't a conflict of interest here just because THIS specific video isn't sponsored by URCDKeys (but they are a sponsor of yours).

  17. Windows should pay us to use it because its a big spyware app ,they sell all of your data to the highest bidder

  18. Fantastic video – I always wondred how they are able to sell them so cheap. You learn something new every day. this is why I like your channel.

  19. I finished building my first custom PC last week and while I can live with the watermark & lack of background I reeeally can't live without the ability to disable collapsible toolbar tabs! Needing to click on an icon in order to select and open one of my instances is time consuming & unnecessary considering the amount of toolbar real estate I have available to view all at once. Sadly altering the registry wasn't a functional workaround.

  20. Now my question becomes whether Win 7/8 Keys (which were provided the free upgrade to Win 10) will also be given a free upgrade to Win 11 or if they'll require a new Key. Uncertain if they'll be limiting the free upgrade to one or two generations backwards the way Win XP & Vista were excluded from free upgrades. Unless Win 7/8 has set the precedent towards free upgrades from here on out.

  21. I got so many windows keys from so many old computers I just use one of them.

  22. Thank you very much for this information. Very helpful!!!

  23. So ucd keys are OEM keys?

  24. I bought a 10 pro key off eBay like a year ago for 3 bucks and it's going strong

  25. Bought a 3.5$ key last year from another site (Not Ebay). Been working ever since!

  26. I'm still trying to activate my Arch install.

  27. When I built my PC last year I installed Windows, did not input a key, and to my surprise it was activated without me doing anything. A fresh newly built pc with a fresh install of Windows.

  28. I think you saved me $600 – (15×3) = $555 last year! for three window 10 keys from URCD Keys as saying thank to both of you! I am very thankful for not cry over $600 just for three window 10 OS.

  29. always bought the cheapest key i found, it always worked fine

  30. I bought my first URCDKEY last month. I bought a Windows 10 Pro key for $15 and no issues and the key comes back Retail and Digitally activated Forever.

  31. URCDKeys is like Lizengo used to be in Germany/EU.
    They sell OEM Windows keys for a "reasonable" price (I think it was around 40€ for Win 10 Home on Lizengo) and they make ads/sponsorships with Youtubers (Lizengo worked with Der8auer), which make them seem legit.
    Well, turns out, it's not legit. Once Lizengo started selling those keys in a big supermarket chain in Germany, Microsoft came and sued Lizengo. Lizengo doesn't exist anymore.
    Selling OEM keys to consumers is not legal.
    If you buy a Windows key for $20, it will work, but it is not really legit.
    I don't think it is even a grey area, it's just that Microsoft usually tolerates it.

  32. I've bought 4 windows keys from urcdkeys and every activation key has worked flawlessly. It's legit and I'm glad I found out about it from this channel. You can buy Microsoft Office suite for 30 bucks. It's saved me so much money.

  33. Third-world countries, often mistaken for developing countries, are actually countries that stayed neutral during the Cold war. First-world countries are the Nato members and other US allies while second-world were aligned with Soviet, China, and Cuba, i.e. communist countries.

  34. not really…in my country we've been buying keys for mere 1$ yet it's working even now been over 4 Years.
    Same for all my friends. Besides even if it's useless within 1 Year, I don't really lose anything. It's only 1$ lol !
    But so far it's all good. Same goes for Office.

  35. You can change your background without a key, its not straight forward but simple and doesnt need 3rd party programs

  36. I don't mind buying a new CD key. What do wonder is, at least where I am from, repair shops refuse to install Windows 10 for me after a reformat, even if it's an unactivated version. I mean… why not?

  37. Been using them since I’ve been building PCs on commission. It’s a big game changer when I can tell buyers that Windows will be activated on top of it being Windows 10 Pro.

  38. So this is the 99 cent store of windows key

  39. Linux is great for general browsing and office use. It's been pretty good for me for single player games. Multiplayer games and games with DRM tend to be the headache.

  40. There are some apps out there that activate your windows for free and link the key with Microsoft account so it works after reinstalls forever.

  41. It depends what "legit" mean… For example at my country, in European Union, Windows (for companies) is legit only if you have invoice from Microsoft or list of government authorized key providers plus mandatory holographic sticker. If you don't have these, key is not considered legit and you will be fined!
    For personal use, legit mean it just works… I have a ton of old Win 7 pro keys from my old computers and others and I just use them at my new personal PC. But useless for companies, even if you get old pre-build PC with legit sticker and Windows, if old owner don't keep proper invoice tfrom one of cetrified key providers in my country, sorry, not legit and you again have to orde new one.

  42. Would it still work if I change the motherboard?

  43. Can someone give me the link to the program?

  44. I got a windows 7 ultimate key for $1 and used it for windows 10.

  45. Buyer beware: I did this exact link website for Windows 10 Pro. got the key works find BUT! its "OEM_DM channel" what ever that means….
    This is the command I used : slmgr.vbs /dli ,in the Admin command prompt…So its not retail OK just so ya know.

  46. Honestly I've NEVER bought a key from Microsoft since XP Pro, and have assembled and programmed literally HUNDREDS of P.C.s since then without a single key failure from various sites.

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