Cooling a Intel Core i9 to 0°C with a TEC AIO!

EX Aircraft engineer Luke today analyses the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero Thermoelectric Liquid Cooler. Its mega expensive at £340 but it offers 0°C cooling capabilities. But as Luke finds out, does it REALLY?

00:00 Start
00:15 ML360 Sub Zero Overview – Intel only!
02:07 The Key feature
03:11 Power consumption – 200W!
03:50 Sensors and seals
04:56 The pump and cables
05:55 The Radiator
06:15 The fans – no RGB (does it matter?)
06:45 Support and compatibility
07:55 Test System
08:59 125W Testing
13:33 MSI ‘Crazy stock mode’ testing
16:20 Disappointing
16:57 Thermal velocity boost overclocking lighter work loads
18:23 Lukes thoughts so far / Cryo mode
20:52 Gaming with the cooler @ 5.5ghz
22.40 Noise output
23:09 Lukes closing thoughts

Test System:
• Processor: Intel Core i9-10900K.
• Motherboard: MSI MEG Z490 ACE.
• Memory: 16GB (2x8GB) KLEVV 4000MHz DDR4.
• Graphics Card: Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super.
• Chassis: Fractal Meshify 2.
• Power Supply: Seasonic Prime TX-1000.
• SSD: Corsair MP600 NVMe M.2 SSD.
• Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

• Sub-ambient cooling capability.
• Ability to register 0°C for a Core i9-10900K.
• Decent cooling capacity below around 125W.
• Good lightly-threaded cooling potential.
• Can work well with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost Overclocking.

• Very poor performance at higher power loads typical of Intel K processors.
• Ludicrously expensive for the performance.
• Significant power usage.
• Only LGA1200 compatibility.
• High noise output from the pump.

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  1. If anyone's literally getting sub zero temperatures and he complains about lack of RGB in the radiator fans, there's a serious RGB problem with him

  2. Can't you boys just stick a sealed bag of ice in an extra large fluid tank of your open loops?
    In Spain we have A/C but the electricity costs would be too high (solar is rare due to past corrupt government in pocket of fossil fuel companies), so most ppl use fans on still days.

  3. This is a pretty important review. And I respect the fact that KitGuru are clearly trying to not be as clickbait with their titles and thumbnails as some outlets. But this review may really deserve some clickbait. I wish the title at least was more clear that we were talking about a TC cooler and not just a regular fluid cooled AIO.

  4. Great product to show how advanced Intels processors are and that they run cooler then AMD’s lol 🤦‍♀️🤦😂😝.thanks Luke for this review 👍🥰🎉🥳 If the technology proves, like most things, I feel there could be a future for these types of coolers, but not at this point in time.

  5. As an Australian 27 is just warm for us

  6. I have a custom water loop cooling a 5950x at around 27 degrees idle and 52 when gaming so don't really see the benefits, unless of course I want "700 FPS" when overclocking. But how many frames do non-professional players need? Also my system uses a quarter in electricity so pretty pointless. Like the tech though but it's really just an expensive toy.

  7. turn your motherboard into a waterfall lol. things start dripping and blowing up if you go too cold. used to be an issue with my old zalman and bathroom extractor fan job lol. thing is even if the cpu is covered in gaskets it still cools the surrounding board and thats where the damage happens. like on the cpu backplate and screws. youd have to use a conformal coating in every little gap and run a drain gutter along the bottom of your board.
    and thats in an open case. colsed case with tight airflow your going to find drips happening all over the case where hot meets just a bit too cold.

    good to hear a welsh voice on here though. bring em the real 👍

  8. I wish I could live in a place where 27c is considered hot.

  9. Run my 280 aio rad above the case sideways on custom machined mounts works well.

  10. 30 degrees. Move here 40+ is a warm summer here. Mind you we rarely go under 10.

  11. Engineer 1: "let's make a cooler to get rid of heat!"
    Engineer 2: "Okay, this cooler can get rid of a lot of heat!"
    Engineer 1: "But it also GENERATES a lot of heat…"
    Engineer 2: "What's your point?"

  12. "ambient?"
    What does "ambient" mean when the AIO manufacturer discusses it?
    I know most people would say "room temperature" but the word ambient means basically "existing or present on all sides" or similar. But do they mean ambient ROOM temperature or ambient CASE temperature internally since the air as it relates to the CPU being cooled is technically INSIDE the case… so cooling to "ambient" would mean cooling the CPU below 40degC or whatever… I went to the webpage for this product and it NEVER once says "ambient room temperature" which is a bit curious.

  13. Theoretically it can be overcome….

  14. Meh, they should have gone for a RIGID micro compressor (size of a coke can) and normal heat pump design. Peltier is just not fit for this kind of continuous operation.

  15. The technology is nice, but i dont think it will ever make sense in consumer grade pcs. It may be fun to mess around with but it really is just too expensive.

  16. Nice review, Luke. Did you happen to do any testing on an 11900k?

  17. Great cooler restricted to the masses by un-Intel corp.

  18. Peltier cooling a CPU is a joke full stop, this product is DOA.

  19. This is the future of custom loops 🙂

  20. TEC CPU coolers have been tried on and off for over a decade now. All have failed to deliver, including this one! Mainly for the reasons in this video and others, ridiculous power requirements, condensation issues at 0 deg C or below, unable to cool efficiently at higher loads, amongst others. This technology was designed for industrial use with lower loads and usually as a support with a powerful air cooler.

  21. good luck to intel users with this cooler…. 😂
    AMD fan…

  22. That’s a expensive, ugly, oversized unnecessary AIO no-one asked for.

  23. And for everyone running Ryzen parts and commenting – this is only available because of Ryzen, it was Intel's response to Threadripper II TO MAINTAIN A LEAD/STEAL THE SHOW AT COMPUTEX with an 18 core part at 5ghz. Of course they've had no response since then 😂

  24. Hi Luke, thanks for your Vid. Playing with TECs to cool my 3960X gaming rig has been my Covid hobby since march last year. I started with a cheap 12 Volt Tec from Amazon which was rubbish. I am currently running 2 industrial Tecs pulling 24VDC at 28 amps combined total with an external power supply. That means I have to cool a heat load of 680W (Tec's) + 170 (Procesor) + 380W (3090 Strix) when I'm gaming. I'm controlling the cooling curve with an external motor driver running a pwm signal from the motherboard's fan header with some external temp gauges and relays to add some additional protection. Water temps on my 4 radiator custom loop get up to 38-40 degrees the processor runs at just under 60 C and water cooled 3090 @45 C when gaming on Modern Warfare. It's been an expensive hobby but has managed to consume lots of Covid home time. I can run the zen 2 threadripper to 4.75Mhz @ 3.5V on single thread performance but only while browsing the web or playing vids. Planning one last hurrah with a more efficient TEC I have found from a manufacturer in the US. Should up the cooling capacity of the TEC. Definitely not practical by any stretch but I have enjoyed the learning curve and so far (touch wood) have not trashed my rig.

  25. What is the point of displaying HWinfo? Can't see nothing from it. You should show us temperature summery table. Interesting cooler, disappointed by poor presentation.

  26. I saw another one of these a while back it was an official Intel Part – very neat but I stopped using Intel back at Ryzen 1… so what 4 years ago? – wow that went fast. I remember arguing with people as an early adopter about the performance of Ryzen and the uplift from tighter memory timings and memory overclocking – I feel like pbo wasn't thing yet? Regardless this is awesome tech and I just really wish that it was available for the platform i use. I mean this is certainly some of the coolest cooling tech out there!

    It seems to me like they were just trying to save any money that they could with system where if you wanted RGB you could go out of your way to get it by just upgrading the fans yourself… I know that's typically one of the first upgrades I do after basic system components.

    So this should technically work with the Asrock x570 phantom gaming itx 🤔😉

  27. lol 640 watts, thats insane.

  28. They’re not efficient at all… not sure why anyone would have any expectations to cool modern hardware with this.

  29. Intel uses a shed load of power ; I know, we will use a fridge cooler that uses even more power to fix it.
    £340? It would be cheaper to move to the shetlands.

  30. 200w? hits back button

  31. Do they make one that works with AMD Ryzen CPUs?

  32. Now do this with a 5800X.

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