How To Check If Your Computer Can Run Windows 11

How To Check If Your Computer Can Run Windows 11

In this Windows 10 tutorial, I will be showing you how you can check if your PC or Laptop is compatible with Windows 11 to see if your computer can run Windows 11. If your system is unfortunately not compatible with Windows 11 then you will be able to see what the system requirements are to then be able to see what hardware your computer is lacking and to see if it’s time for a new upgrade.

So can your computer run Windows 11? Comment below!

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This Windows tutorial will work with all Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba desktop computers and laptops using Windows 10 Home, Professional and Enterprise. If you have a Windows tutorial you would like me to look into doing, then please feel free to contact me.



  1. i can't even install this check lol

  2. For all of those who have TPM 2.0 and Secure boot activate, look at this !
    SOLVED : look at the Microsoft compatibility requirement : windows/compatibility/windows-11/
    Hard Floor is ok for me
    And Soft Floor is "half-ok" :
    – TPM 2.0 check !
    – CPU Generation is the issue, you need at least a Intel 8th gen or AMD Zen 2 processor.
    In fact i'll be able to install W11 but i'll receive a warning cause my CPU is too "old" (lol 🤣).
    So they need to fix the checker App in order that it'll give us just a warning, and say : "This PC is able to install W11 but you "might" be that you encounter some issue due to your CPU"
    So for us it's ok, no problem 😏👌

  3. Well… TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot both activate, but still same issue "This PC can't run Windows 11"
    And my configuration is ok with what they said about the requirement.

  4. I have tpm 2.0 on my pc which is enabled and have all other system requirements but it still says it is not compatible. :/

  5. I got my pc in october of 2019, can i still run it? it has 10 home, im planning to get 11 pro

  6. it wont open for me

  7. ive turned on tpm and secure boot, but its still giving me the error that i cant run windows 11. i dont get it

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