How to Create Random Numbers in Excel (including no repeats)

In this video I’ll show you how you can easily create sample data in Microsoft Excel. Generating Random data is often needed for testing or if you need to share a file with someone who shouldn’t see your actual data. I’ll cover different methods to create random numbers including a solution that creates random data without repeats.

00:00 How to Generate Random Numbers in Excel
00:29 How to Use the RAND Function
01:15 How to Use the RANDBETWEEN Function
02:05 How to Use the RANDARRAY Function
02:59 How to Create Random Numbers WITHOUT Repeats
04:11 Use Sequence function to get Avoid Repeats & errors
05:54 Non Office 365 Solution to Avoid Repeats
06:44 Wrap Up

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  1. Its to bad its not true random

  2. You are awesome. You have really helped me a lot I am impressed how these small changes can now help me with my data

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  4. Hi Leila I have been following you for about 18 months thank you so much for taking my Excel knowledge to the next level

  5. Just be careful of nsa backdoor.. 🙂

  6. How to create a random password with alphanumeric & special character and id number please tell

  7. Handy tips as always Leila, very intuitive, thanks for sharing

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  17. These are some interesting functions but a "random" list that requires no repeats is not random. Useful perhaps but not random.

  18. If it's including no repeats then it's not random

  19. Hi Leila. Great tips! One weakness of UNIQUE(RANDARRAY()) is that it might produce say less than the 10 desired numbers, if UNIQUE eliminates one or more duplicates. You can get around this by having RANDARRAY produce more than 10 results (say 20) and then use INDEX and SEQUENCE to output just the first 10. Here is an example: =INDEX(UNIQUE(RANDARRAY(20,,100,1000,1)),SEQUENCE(10)). So, even if UNIQUE eliminates one or two duplicates from the 20, there are still more than 10 for INDEX/SEQUENCE to output which gives you a certain list of 10 results vs. sometimes getting only nine or eight. Of course, it is not perfect.. still subject to #SPILL and you must be sure to build in enough extra results from UNIQUE(RANDARRAY()) to not drop below the desired number of output items. Nevertheless.. another way to get there. As always, thanks for sharing your tips :)) Thumbs up!!

  20. What tests of randomness does this generator pass?

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  28. Rand() function works randomising values from a uniform distribution. But what about getting random numbers from another kind of distribution – normal, Poisson, etc?

  29. We can get random number by using data analysis tool in excel. Add data analysis tool by add ins, then select random number generator – select uniform – give min and Max number to get data in Excel

  30. Leila- I have a list of 10 companies and each company has 5 or more contacts. I wish to assign the same number to the first contact of each company. For example- Assign #1 to the first contact of each company. Assign #2 to the second contact of each company. So on and so forth for the rest of contacts

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