How to Get FREE SONIC SKIN/DLC on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox, PS4, MCPE, Windows 10, more)

➔ How to Get FREE SONIC SKIN/DLC on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox, PS4, MCPE, Windows 10, more) Recently, a new DLC appeared on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition marketplace for Sonic the Hedgehog. To celebrate it, you can get a sonic t-shirt for free! This video will be a marketplace tutorial on how to collect your free shirt. Enjoy!

➔ Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the same as MCPE/Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, Xbox one, series s, series x, Playstation/PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, andriod, iOS, basically everything non java. My main series on this channel is a Minecraft Bedrock Survival Let’s Play, along with tips and tricks like farms, and tutorials, mostly on free Minecraft Bedrock skins, texture packs, maps, etc. I hope you consider subscribing to enjoy the Minecraft Let’s Plays and more!

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➔ What’s up everybody, Simon here from Photon Games, and I am a kid who has always wanted a gaming channel. I knew I could do it, but my parents wouldn’t allow it for the longest time. Now that I am able to upload content, I love creating videos for people to enjoy. I am trying to build a good community here on YouTube and have been experiencing short term success. I would love it if you would like, comment, and subscribe, so YouTube will see the community that we’ve created and it will become my job! I am so excited about being part of the YouTube journey, and I want you along too!

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  1. Thanks to everyone defending me in the comments. To clear things up, clickbait was absolutely not my intention. It says skin/dlc in the title so that if you search for that on youtube, this video will show up and show you what you can get for free. (also this is a form of skin/dlc so someone specifically looking for this item might search that) I didn't want to mislead anyone so I made sure to add an arrow pointing at what you get bright and clear in the thumbnail. The picture for the dlc was there as art, and I realized it could be misleading, and added the arrow. I am sorry if anyone thought this was clickbait, but that was not my intentions. I am very careful to avoid clickbait because I want to have a good channel and supportive community, which I clearly have! Thank you to all of you. Have a good day everyone!

  2. I'm not the biggest sonic fan because I'm late to the series but I'm still a pretty huge fan of sonic he's the best and Mario fans/community let me have an opinion ok (cause I know the mario community like that🙄😑😑) but mario is…. TRASH STRAIGHT UP GARBAGE THE ONLY GOOD GAMES ARE mario 64 mario galaxy mario maker 1 no not 2 1 and mario bros 1 3 and world in my opinion but sonic's good games are sonic 3, sonic 2, obviously sonic 2 pretty sure it's the best selling 2d sonic platformer anyway sonic 1,sonichero's,sonic cd, and waaaay more sorry mario fans if that's an opinion you hate that's very interesting but keep it to your self

  3. Thx. I really love sonic. So this is good for me. And good thing is this was not a clickbate like others. I subbed u. ❤️❤️

  4. Thanks dude that shirt looks really good, I'll actually use that instead of my current default Steve shirt

  5. :0 wow i didnt notice this tyy

  6. Thank you! I was searching through the whole store like a scurrying squirrel. XD

  7. Thank for the t-shirt

  8. Im want the map and resources?


  10. Thanks! I couldn’t find this

  11. Thanks for showing me I didn’t even know you could get a free sonic shirt have a good day and don’t listen to people who are saying click bait your showing the exact thing that you put on the title so just ignore them and have a good day 😄

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