Over $10K Troops Single Rally in KvK 1 | Rise of Kingdoms

The war was insane over 1 hour of battle with Martel YSG rally and Martel YSG defense with switch over Richard.

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  1. 2233 here


  2. That’s my kingdom and my voice in the back 😂

  3. That's our alliance 2233👀

  4. 5:50 6:15 all this stuff is why I watch also, this good insight edit: please make it so we can hear your friend better

  5. I'm just leaving a comment 👍

  6. my restart account in 2242 is having kvk1 first battles last couple days, also same martel ysg rallies, a lot of fun kvk1

  7. I was part of that , it was so interesting haha

  8. Ysg/el cid should have done so much better. People sleep on the pair in kvk1 just because cid is a "bad" investment.

  9. حبيبي ولله❤

  10. Please check Kd2222 KVK. It had been very eventful and I can bring you into the discord if you want to hear some of our conversations with our allies and any insights

  11. I love the video man, keep grinding

  12. I'm 2233 here 2v1 kd🤦‍♂️😂

  13. hello from 2236 in this kvk

  14. Wow thats my kingdom ..10m deads on that rally .. 33 last war

  15. Keep going upload more videos

  16. I love you, no homo❤

  17. This looks like kvk 2

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