RX 6800 Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrate & Overclocking

In this video, I review the RX 6800 for mining. We cover everything about this GPU from availability, profitability, and overclocks in Windows and a Linux-Based Mining OS. Enjoy!

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⌚ Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Announcements & Giveaway
02:32 – Overview, Unboxing & First Look
03:11 – Cost, Availability & Best Brands
04:56 – Profitability & Best Coin To Mine
08:05 – Stock Settings Mining
08:49 – Windows Mining Overclocks
10:14 – Linux-based OS Mining Overclocks
10:46 – Wrap-Up
20:47 – Outro

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• MSI Pro Z170A | On Amazon |
• Intel Celeron G3900 | On Amazon |
• Thermaltake 850W PSU | On Amazon |
• Portable MSI Monitor | On Amazon |

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  1. Congratulations on 100k subs. Well deserved.

  2. Do mining is a good source of income for the next 5 year?

  3. hello there! I have a 6900xt and I am looking to dual mine. I want to mine ETH and one more crypto that is core heavy but I can't find any tutorials! Can you please help me ?

  4. Im getting over 62 on hive with gminer 1350core DPM 5 1070 mem pl 140w

  5. On the 6700's I have to run CORE-1300 MEM 1075 and FAN speeds around 80% to get MAX Hash Rates of 46.46. I find the AMD stuff as garbage for mining I get better HASH rates on older cards.

  6. 100k subs ♥️🔥🔥

  7. 100w 64mh
    max 96w 62.5mh

  8. my msi x3 gaming 3060ti's gives me 62.8 mh/s using 131 watts fan i use custom setting usually 70-80 buy 3 months ago for 655 $ & now regretting why not buy more, i usually add 1 card when i earned profit from previous setup but now regretting why not buy 5-6 in bulk coz somewhere in mind it feels like its going to hike & now cost of same card is more than 3x 1986-2100 $

  9. Love him scrolling cards on ebay and ignoring the horrendous shipping fees.

  10. wouldn't pay over 1000…. unless your in Australia. On average this card is like $1800~ AUD, up to $2200~ or so

  11. How long does the stupid video need to be to say the optimal settings and the breakeven time?

  12. Hi Mining chamber what is your recommended setttings for Nvidia 1080Ti ? Do you maintain any sheet ?

  13. Amazing video!!! I was really happy to see myself at your garage sale/meet up. That was a truly fun event 😁 thanks soo much for hosting it

  14. Congratulations sir…..
    Can we expect Mobile Phone mining video…?
    Love from INDIA

  15. Amazing video mate 🤩🤩🤩 wait for new video

  16. I am small scale miner, mining with a single RX580, your video introduced me to mining and guided me to every questions and steps I need. It helped me to pay for my bills, thanks a lot. Thank you for your efforts, keep on!

  17. You are best waiting for your video 😊 supportFromIndia

  18. Welcome back guys <3
    The RX 6800 is my dream GPU, it is still on my top list of GPUs to buy but so damn hard to get one with the current state of the market: all the demand, supply shortage and inflated price :'(
    Congratulations for the 100K subscriber achievement by the way <3
    Enjoy the rest of your week and keep it up the great job <3
    P.S.: Looking forward to the new mining batcave tour :p

  19. This is what I did early on. Buy AMD cheaper because no one cares about AMD and everyone wants Nvidia. Just don't try and save money on the base AMD 6800. My base model runs hot as hell and gets really schtizophrenic with it's tuning and hashrates. Definitely the most annoying card in my AMD rig. Every other card I have is rock solid.

  20. Congrat on the 100k : from montreal qc, also so sad i missed that garage sale i could have meet there!

  21. CORE







    Use my settings and you will get more than 61mh/s in hiveos. I've tested with a few 6800 cards and they are running fine for more than 10 days.

  22. Try turning the power slider up a little I run mine at 10 runs smooth, I went from 59MH to high 63 low 64MH at 131/132 watts. It doesn't seem to use more power if you keep the voltage and frequency down like you have it.

  23. Would an AORUS Radeon RX 6800 for $1259.99 + tax (Canadian) be a reasonable price? Thank you

  24. I thought July 1 was quebec moving day.

  25. What settings? My 6800xt does not get above 32mh. Only 45 mh with Octopus algo.

  26. I have 110w per 62.8 MH/s in 3 cards

  27. Does the 6900xt work on hive os? I was unable to get mine working

  28. I ordered 4 of these in the EU 2 months ago, should arrive next week and i paid equal to $1100 for them all, oh and theyre NEW

  29. 2150 on windows should be 1075 on linux right? not 1125

  30. Linux smos includes 6800below
    Rx5700 Core 1300
    Mem 905
    Undervolt 730
    Mvdd 1300
    MVDDCI 800
    Gets 51.39mh 85watt

    Rx6800Core 1210
    Mem 1056
    Undervolt 705
    Mvdd not needed
    MVDDCI not needed
    58.80+mh 105watt

    Agressive undervolt on for all
    Temp target 41
    Fans 60-70% for all

  31. I’m running my 6800xt on hiveos getting 61.65 mh @ 150 watts mining ethereum my setting are 1240 core and 1065 mem and my temp is staying around 52 for core and 66 for mem. It’s been really stable also no invalid shares. Been running it for about a month now.
    Love the channel thank you for all the info you provide.

  32. Love my 6800s rig! bought them quite awhile back so luckily i got some great prices. 62-64mhs on my cards at 120-125w. much love brother! love your vids

  33. Congratulations. All the best with your move.

  34. @miningchamber
    Do you have the Linux setting on smos for RVN on your site for the normal 5+Rx5700 Rx6800s? And the new ergo settings?

  35. the msi gaming x trio on the same settings will use 15-20W less with the same hashrates which on a 6 or more gpu rig is quite significant, not sure about other algorithms cause i'm lazy

  36. Hive os
    C 1500 M 1075. Pl 900 hashrate 61.58 pw consumer 131w

    C1240 M 1065. Vdd 0. Hashrate 60.15. Pw consumer 114w

  37. Thanks brother for the nice video, very appreciated :))

    Sam 🎵✌🏻

  38. Mine shows 63MH and 119W

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