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Hello Dear Viewers 😀

Today, with a really small and fast video about how WINDOWS 11 will be FREE as windows 10 was!

00:00 – Windows 11 is FREE!
06:36 – Channel Members
06:58 – More Videos

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AMD PC USED for testing:

MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II
RAM: 2x8Gb Patriot Viper 4400Mhz CL19 (3200MHz CL14)
GPU: AMD RADEON RX 6800 @2400/2100 MHz
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2Tb 7200 rpm
SSD: 500Gb Kingston Nvme
PSU: Aerocool X-Strike 800W 80+ Silver Semi Modular
CASE: None

INTEL PC USED for testing:

MB: MSI Z490 Tomahawk (Latest Bios)
RAM: 2x8Gb Patriot Viper 4400Mhz CL19 (3200 MHz CL14)
GPU: RX 6800 @2400MHz / 2100MHz
SSD: Kingston V300 120Gb
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2Tb 7200 rpm
PSU: Seasonic SIII 650W Bronze
CASE: Aerocool One Frost Edition

My Main PC:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (4.6GHz 1.268v)
CPU Cooler: Deepcool FRYZEN
MB: Asus X570-F Strix
RAM: 2x8Gb Patriot Viper 4400Mhz CL19 (3800 MHz, CL16 / Tightened Sub-timings)
GPU: AMD RADEON RX 6800 @2400/2100 MHz
HDD: 1x2TB + 1x4TB
SSD: 240Gb Kingston Nvme + 500Gb Toshiba Nvme
PSU: Corsair RM750X (White) 750W 80+ Gold
CASE: Thermaltake View 51 TG

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  1. Windows 11 will be a HUGE UPGRADE over windows 10 with ALL IT'S NEW FEATURES! and guess what? It will be FREE!

  2. thanks aprendi muitas coisas

  3. This is not free; they are no longer supporting the older system, forcing many people to create e-waste and build new computers on necessarily when the old one is still working perfectly fine; yes, I know they're supporting it until 2025. Global shortage in silicon crisis that no one knows when it's going to get fixed, and they put the middle finger up to anyone who has an older system just wow !!! I still find it ridiculous.

  4. This dude tweaking look at his eye's 👀

  5. Really going to direct people to some shady key site? Yikes..

  6. I just realized that the TPM requirement may force you to use pins for Bitlocker. This could mean they are dropping password support, but I am not sure yet as I cannot find any info. Passphrases and passwords are easier to remember and the overall length of a passphrase is capable of being longer than a pin, at least, in Win10. I wonder how Win11 will work with Bitlocker.

  7. just curious why you disabled ftpm? does it affect gaming performance? thanks

  8. Apparently the HDR functionality has been improved drastically. Seen info on improvements to Xbox game pass also

  9. Is it possible on education Edition too?

  10. I have a issue that the PC health check app says that my PC is not compatible but I secure boot and TPM enabled! But what can be the problem? My specs is matching but I still get the error again.

  11. I actually can’t wait. This is going to a fresh upgrade from windows 10

  12. Do you speak portuguese?

  13. Q&A: Can u run Apple apps?

  14. Yes, but do not forget you need windows activated. Oh and lastly you need like 64 GB it is really big. I have like 8 GB. So this will be hard for me. ;-;

  15. I Have I9 9900K, 2080TI 64GB RAM, and it says my pc doesnt meet the minimum requirement. how to solve this

  16. 5:01 windows 11 is now the new "but can it run Crysis?" meme lol

  17. yet people on win 7 are going to be like: BuT it HAS inTruDEd MY priVacY 🙁

  18. 5:05 song name plz i love itplzzz

  19. Thanks for sharing Fabio❤️

  20. Will it be ram hungry like windows 10?

  21. Does it takes less ram than win 10?

  22. Does it have to restart whenever you install software? Unlike Linux.

  23. How to solve that error can't run window 11 proper

  24. ayyyyyy
    my man!
    edit:salve do brasil
    also i enabled FTPM and it still says its incompatible

  25. i am so happy that no more emulator

  26. asrock x570 taichi wifi fails windows pc health check up arrgghh 6month old puter

  27. Should I join insider program to get Windows 11?
    I have subscribed to you, please let us know when is it OFFICIALLY available and I can download it.

  28. when is it coming out?

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